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See your school director to get this year's winter sweatshirt!!! These will go fast !!!

Posted 1 month ago


National Karate Official Page65.00 Jill St Dennis Frost1 month

Kristan Middelstadt KohlsVery nice!1 month

Corrina Marie SwiggumIN LOVE with these!1 month

Kim DeweyVery cool!1 month

Jill St Dennis FrostPrice???,?1 month

Ty KrollVery cool. I need to get back in there and finish what I started.1 month

Here is the link to the MAN UP tv show. They were out at the Diamonds this past weekend. Check it out!

Posted 2 months ago

National Karate Official PageWe will let you all know when our episode will air!!2 months

Tony GrygelkoWill do! It will be a few weeks!2 months

A Huge thank you to all the The NK students and Black belts that gave their time to be part of the #1 world rated Diamond National Karate Championships. Wether you competed, officiated, score kept, or all of the above you are a big reason why the Diamonds is the best. Thank you and can't wait till next year!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Have you seen our latest YouTube video? Please share! National Karate Feature Video 701 Decatur Ave N. Suite 203 Mi...

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National Karate Official Page shared Apple Valley National Karate's album: Karate Camp 2 - August 2014.

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