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National Karate is OPEN today! Drive safely!

Posted 2 months ago

Happy New Year! 2014 will be a great year to earn your black belt or get well on your way towards it. How many first degrees out there want that red uniform? How many third degrees have been ready to move to the black uniform? Make 2014 the year for rank advancement! See you in class. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 3 months ago

Connie FrancisMy goal is the black uniform in 2014!3 months

Sean BighiaGoing for my 3rd once my broken leg heals up!3 months

Kristan Middelstadt KohlsMy goal is that blue uniform with a black belt!3 months

Jennifer SextonBlack uniform for us in 14'!3 months

Mike BatesRed uniform is my goal for 20143 months

Dina Marek TreberOur 13 year old Dom starts his screenings for brand blue uniform next week!! The youngest will hopefully get to Brown Belt. Myself and husband are shooting for August 2014 for the black belt and blue uniform..3 months

NK Sweatshirts are in! Check with your school director. Adults $45.00 and youth $30.00

Posted 4 months ago


Edward RobisonI got to get one of them4 months

Matt Detersme too3 months

JLB Productions hired some very impressive models for Diamond Nationals apparel this year. Today Bloomington, tomorrow Milan!

Posted 6 months ago


Klark TreberYou guys look mean!6 months

Cat Miller CimatoWay to work the camera boys! It is subtle yet ferocious. I find I simply MUST have a hoody now.6 months

Josh ShermanHaha @ Kelly! Good luck to all competing this weekend!!6 months

Michael WignesIs that the magnum look6 months

Brendon WallockAww-esome6 months


Check back soon for National Karate Events.