Sundance Center
234 Pinecone Road
Suite C
Sartell, MN 56377





Director - Ms. Christa Jordahl

Instructor - Ms. Julie Gadient

Instructor - Mr. James Halonen

Instructor - Ms. Cassie King


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Promotion testing at Sartell NK tonight!! 320-202-7830

Posted 30 minutes ago

Promotion testing at St. Cloud NK tonight! See everyone there! 320-251-4020

Posted 4 days ago

Brad Stroot5:50 for Garrett?4 days

St. Cloud / Sartell National KarateYes sir4 days

Brad StrootThanks4 days

Congratulations to our two new 1st degree black belts and to Ms. Roseanna Lee on 2nd degree, Ms. Megan King on 3rd degree, and Mr. James Halonen on 4th degree!!! You guys rocked today!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Come join us at Warner Lake Park for our annual National Karate Picnic! Class in the park for 12 and under at 10:00am and 13 and up at 10:30am. Then games at 11:00am and pot luck lunch at noon! Remember both St. Cloud and Sartell NK close at 11:00am today so all the instructors can get out to the park. See you at the National Karate Picnic!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 4 weeks ago

Promotion testing at Sartell NK tonight!!! 320-202-7830

Posted 4 weeks ago

Suzie Zachmann BuhsWhat time for Gold belts?4 weeks

St. Cloud / Sartell National Karate4:30pm4 weeks

Jennifer PetersonIs brown belt at 5:50?4 weeks

St. Cloud / Sartell National KarateYes4 weeks

Remember National Karate St. Cloud has NO red/brown belt class at 6:15pm and NO adult class at 7:15pm tonight. We have a black belt screening. Good luck to the students screening!

Posted 4 weeks ago

Promotion testing at St. Cloud NK tonight!!! See you there 320-251-4020

Posted 1 month ago

Nicole Esselman IriarteCan you tell me what time green belts go?1 month

Cassandra Perez5:10pm1 month

Nicole Esselman IriarteThanks.1 month

Come watch National Karate in the St. Joe Parade this morning at 10am!!! Then remember we are closed for classes today and tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

Posted 2 months ago

Justin KottomGot prime seats2 months

Kathleen JohnsonHappy birthday little brother!2 months

Justin Kottom2 months

Justin Kottom2 months